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Your partners in trailer-side advertising.

Advertise your message on your entire fleet, no matter what truck.

Don’t have a truck? No problem! Advertise on one of our partner trucking company’s equipment.

We’re 18 Advertising, and our specialty is seamlessly increasing impressions of your company’s message through truck and trailer-side advertising. We strive to make sure your ads get the most bang for your advertising dollar. Our client’s success is our highest objective. Contact us in the link below to find out more information on how we can help your company grow its brand and get results.

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National Coverage.

Maximum Exposure.

Superior Results.

18 Advertising can take your ad campaign and reach local, regional, and national markets. Trailer-side ads can penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising. We work with an elite group of carriers all across the country to deliver your message to today’s consumer.

Our carriers have professional and courteous drivers that travel dedicated routes daily on US highways and Interstates. They deliver to major retail locations which places your message in front of thousands of potential customers everyday.

Don't have a fleet? No problem.

Advertise on one of our partner fleets.

Measurable Results

We can provide our clients with a detailed map and breadcrumb trail of where the trailer has traveled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Trailer-side ads can create up to 40,000 impressions daily. These results are verifiable through the Traffic Audit Bureau and through GPS recordings.

We make it simple to get the most out of your fleet.

We are an innovative outdoor advertising company specializing in truck and trailer-side advertising. We accomplish this by working directly with our clients to produce larger than life images at eye level on the sides of any vehicle, from semi-trailer trucks to the company van. We are dedicated to creating visual experiences that compel action and amplify business outcomes. Let your fleet work for you.

Services We Offer
Increase Brand Awareness

with our gorgeous graphics.

Increase Web and Social Media Traffic

with abilities to implement campaigns.

Higher Revenue

with more attention to your product.

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