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Let Trailer & Truck-Side Advertising Work For You.

Grow Your Brand One Mile at a Time!

See why Fortune 500 companies such as Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Autozone, Coca Cola, and Firestone use trailer-side advertising. You can drive on almost any interstate or highway and see one of these branded trailers promoting their product to the consumer.

Why do they do it? 

Because it works!

CPM Comparisons

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Take it to the Highway

Truck-side advertising is the most cost effective method of reaching consumers, cheaper than mobile, print and more. Get the most out of your fleet.

Let your message be heard by the millions of consumers on the road each day.

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Average time spent in car per consumer


Potential ad impressions per month


Static billboards become unnoticed by consumers


Average number of consumer impressions per day

Percentage of people who think advertisements are more impactful than traditional ads

Percentage of people who notice ads on 18 wheelers

Consumer recall rate on trailer-side ads

Percentage of people who say trailer-side ads have more impact

Stand Out on the Road

Make your presence known to drivers all over the country! Our partnerships mean we are able to provide you with massive, detailed graphics and clean, enticing advertisements to help you make the most of your fleet and product.

Keep Your Look Fresh

Market to everyone on the road with beautiful truckside ads. Vans, garbage trucks, semi’s – we cover them all with our high quality, lightweight ad system.

Custom Fit Your Fleet

We offer pricing to fit YOUR market group. Whether you have 100’s of 18 wheelers at your disposal or a handful of vans, we can find the campaign that works for you.

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