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Maximize Your Market Potential

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We provide the design, production, and installation for any truck and trailer side advertising, so you can get the most out of your fleet. By equipping your business with compelling images, reusable graphics, and lightweight suspension, your message will be clearly seen by your target audience.

Amplify your Message

Through utilizing an elite group of carriers nationwide, we deliver your message to thousands of consumers per day. These graphics are designed for ease of installation and fit virtually any type of vehicle, from semi-trailer trucks to vans.

Custom designs for your vehicle

We print wide format roll-to-roll and flatbed direct-to-substrate. With supporting finishing services and hardware options, we provide turnkey production for a wide variety of retail needs.

Easy, Versatile Application

We are able to accommodate your specific needs by offering both vinyl and Spedian installation, depending on your advertising plan.

Municipalities & PSA's

Our services can be used for public service announcements towards a municipality’s specific audience.

Any Vehicle Type

From sprinter vans to flatbeds, we can custom fit any vehicle with promotional graphics.

Rejuvenate Your Brand

With an in-house team and a national network of more than 400 installer crews, we can perform vehicle installations anywhere that is convenient for you. Every installer we work with is PDAA certified, insured and bonded. As part of our network’s capabilities, we are able to execute simultaneous installations at multiple locations.

Ads on other fleets

Utilize company assets by advertising on the side of fleets. Make sure your product stands out!

Ads on your trucks

Why waste precious space on your own fleet? Advertise and see your profits soar!

Municipality PSA’s

Useful messaging for municipal PSA's can be displayed on truck sides!

Installation Options

  • Traditional Vinyl Adhesion offers long-term vinyl graphics adhered to fleet.
  • Spedian Suspended Frame technology allows easy exchange and reuse of fleet advertisments & graphics

Custom Designs

  • Large, beautiful graphics designed for your specific needs
  • Color doesn’t fade
  • Develop a compelling brand with our graphic designers, or utilize your own designs.

Custom Fit

  • Can be fitted to any truck
  • Easy removal and installation
  • Custom sizes cover sprinter vans, big rigs, garbage trucks, & more

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The Spedian Advantage

For quick turnaround on graphics or multiple ad campaigns, we provide the reusable and interchangeable Spedian system. An external suspension system, weighing a maximum of 8oz., provides a smooth uninterrupted communication from your advertisement to consumer. These graphics can be easily stored and exchanged in less than an hour, equipping you with hassle free installation.

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Store. Exchange. Reuse.

The Spedian system is the world’s only reusable vehicle graphic system with no visible frame. A special Spedian Exhaust System™ ensures there is no panel movement during the vehicle’s operation. The application process requires no bolts, rivets, screws or welds.

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